Crop protection & animal health

We carry out different research methodologies


Our QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT performs all types of quantitative research, both CATI and face-to-face, with special reference to:

  • U&A research, by specific segments and samples representative of the target universe
  • Brand/corporate image and positioning
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Tests (concept, product, packaging, pricing, tasting, logo, and name)
  • Advertising campaign analysis


Our QUALITATIVE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT performs all types of motivational research, with special reference to:

  • U&A research – both strategic and tactical
  • Motivational research supplemented by quantitative surveys
  • Creative research, using applied creativity techniques.

The department uses various qualitative research tools, i.e:

  • Clinical face-to-face discussions
  • Focus groups
  • Creative brainstorming sessions

For moderation, analysis of content and reporting, the department uses a team of psychologists specialized in marketing research.

Research area

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