The Agrifood Department has been created to exploit the specific background we have acquired in markets for food products coming from fruit and vegetable growing, vine growing, fish farming, the dairy sector, and raw and processed meats. This area is characterised by frequent use of integrated research/survey work with teams of researchers featuring many years of specific experience and coming from the qualitative, quantitative, and business-to-business (strategic) departments.

Composite targets

Targets – on the basis of client exigencies– consist of consumers, retailers (independents and large-scale mass-market retailers), opinion leaders, journalists, and manufacturers.

Use of tools typical of the different methods

  • Quantitative: face-to-face or telephone interviews within the various types of research required in each case (use & attitude, tests, etc.)
  • Qualitative: focus groups and/or individual clinical discussions
  • Strategic: in-depth personal interviews based on open-ended discussion outlets, with the various operators (manufacturers, trade, mass-market retailers, etc.)

This research market – which has been very lively in recent years and, as such, is close to Agron’s core business – has enabled our Agrifood Department to build up tried-and-true experience for producer consortia and associations, for companies promoting agrifood products, and for local administrations. The areas we have investigated are: delicatessen meats, fruit and vegetables, winery, fish, and dairy products.