Crop protection

The agricultural market is changing fast, influenced by many local, national and global factors.
Companies providing crop protection productsand services need to respond to this changing environment, enhancing themselves technologically and strategically, in order to be certain of being optimally positionedto take all opportunities.

The department draws on:

  • team of researchers with specific training and many years of experience in analysis of the agricultural market and particularly attentive to the sector’s needs and its possible developments
  • team of interviewers, properly trained and briefed, and used to maintaining relations with representatives of the sector
  • An extensive series of information sources (electronic databases, informal contacts, etc.)

Survey types

  • Use & attitude study
  • Advertising test
  • Concept and packaging test
  • Price test
  • Corporate and brand image
  • Customer satisfaction
  • New product launch and positioning
  • Trade surveys

Markets surveyed

  • Seeds
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Machineries
  • Farming products

Targeted universes

  • Crop farmers (arable & specialities)
  • Contractors
  • Distributors/farm consortia
  • Technical advisors
  • Trade associations/co-operatives
  • Opinion leaders/Universities
  • Government and local agencies/Institutions